Why are push locks required in the transport of RVs, boats and yachts?


Our range of push locks keeps cabinets securely closed during transit in a wide range of recreational vehicles, boats and yachts.

Effortless push-in opening and closing
Push locks provide convenient and secure storage during traveling. Only a light push on the knob is required for a comfortable and effortless push-in opening and closing.

Reliable and secure locking of cabinets during transit
During transit, push locks secure the cabinets and drawers in the locked position. They function consistently and reliably throughout the life of the product, contributing to a comfortable user experience in the wide area of recreational vehicles: motorised and non-motorised caravans, trailers, and motorhomes.

Easy to mount

All push locks are very easy to mount with a simple mounting procedure. The lock design fits any position of the drawer or door; left/ right, top/bottom.

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