Own a Truck and Trailer? You'll Need These Accessories.


Towing takes a lot of equipment. Whether it is a single-place personal watercraft trailer or a triple axle fifth-wheel, there are a ton of accessories that come along with a towable that all work together to make the job safe and secure.


Things like locks, tools and cotter pins all must enter your lexicon when you prepare to tow. This doesn’t even touch on the trailer itself, which needs to be maintained.


These are some of our favorite accessories for those preparing to pull a trailer.


A good set of locks can are crucial for making sure whatever it is you’re hauling is locked down. You also want to protect your towing equipment.


For your actual hitch, a set pin locks, like these, will make sure your equipment is safe.


For keeping trailers safe, a wheel lock or a coupler lock will both work, and each has pros and cons. For ease of use, I prefer a coupler setup, although in the wheel lock’s defense, it is the safest, as the trailer simply won’t move now matter how it is pulled.


It might seem obvious, but getting a proper hitch is the first step for safe towing. I prefer a hitch with some adjustability, as it makes it easier to tow multiple trailers with little effort. This tri-ball hitch from B&W trailer hitches makes it easy to adjust your hitch to whatever set of characteristics you need. The height and hitch-ball size can both be changed quickly, while a special stow mode allows you to tuck the ball away.


If you only have one trailer to pull, a fixed tow-bar will work fine, just make sure it is the right height so that the trailer sits nice and flat on the back of the truck.


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