Your bike is valuable. Not just in emotional means to you, but also in monetary means for thieves. We’ve got some tips below on how to prevent your bike from getting stolen.



Types of locks

Choosing the right lock is the difference between your bike being easy or hard to steal. 

Cable locks - can be easily cut with bolt cutters. A small pair of cutters can easily be hidden in a jacket and thieves can quickly just cut the cable and be on their way with your bike. Cable locks, might be light and easier to carry but aren’t worth the risk of your bike being stolen. 

D-locks - hard to cut and need much larger tools are needed to get through the lock. D-locks might be heavier for you to carry, but a good quality D-lock is much harder to cut through often requiring large equipment such as angle grinders. Larger and loud tools are much more likely to be noticed as well. 

If you are worried about your bike, it is better to have two locks on your bike, rather than just one.  We do recommend though, that they are all high quality ones.