The unyielding qualities of ABS locks

Lock snapping is a common method of forced entry in most break-in cases and is often accomplished in quick succession. It involves using a tool (typically a screwdriver) to damage the area around the door lock before removing it completely to gain access to your home. This is due to a design flaw in most traditional euro cylinder locks, the barrel itself is replaceable and fixed into position with only a single screw. Once this is removed completely, the lock loses integrity and the door can be opened with little to no effort. With the knowledge of lock snapping being more available to potential burglars online, it can happen to anyone’s property at any time but fortunately, you can properly fortify any or every door in your house when you invest in an ABS lock.  

The power of an ABS lock

Rigorous testing has all but confirmed that ABS locks are resistant to lock snapping, bumping, and drilling. The ABS diamond grade cylinder proved its strong endurance against any forced entry methods using drills, screwdrivers, and claw hammers. For instance, many trials resulted in the break-in tools being damaged when attempting to penetrate the central cam of the lock. The inner workings of the ABS lock use a collection of anti-drill, bump and pick pins that work effectively by damaging, trapping or breaking tools traditionally used to compromise an average euro cylinder lock. In short, the only means of accessing any door fitted with this highly secure lock is with an ABS key. These keys are specially designed using a special code that corresponds to the locks mechanism, for more information on how an ABS key can add to your home security, please read‘Unlock the doors with ABS Keys’. Apart from its highly durable material, an ABS lock is fitted with a special function that prevents unwanted access to the inside of the lock. Should the front cylinder be attacked and snapped, the snap secure cam will activate and guard the lock’s mechanism against further infiltration. It works like a barrier that prevents access to everything that keeps the lock in place which stops it from being comprised and removed completely. With that in place, your door is properly fortified and your home is secure. In addition to this added security, an ABS lock mechanism will still maintain its integrity despite one side being damaged. This means that you will still be able to lock and unlock your doors whilst retaining the cylinder’s ability to prevent lock snapping.