What is a key lock box and how does it work?


Key lock boxes are a tool used by realtors, Airbnb hosts, and other business managers to store keys in a secure compartment to remotely provide access to properties. Key lock boxes are usually looped around door knobs, railings, or fences on the outside of properties, with certain brands of key safes able to be permanently mounted onto walls or other flat surfaces. While older generations of key lock boxes had their own keys that were needed to open them, nowadays most lock boxes require a four digit security code to access the contents. 

How Secure is a Key Lock box?

Key lockboxes are a low tech tried and true solution but have a few pitfalls to be aware of. Lock boxes have a single code which is used to open them and access the keys inside. In order to maintain security, lockbox owners must change the code after every new user. If the owner of a lock box isn’t active in changing the code or is out of town between guests there’s no knowing who has access to the keys of the property, putting in danger both the guest and the owner’s belongings. 

Vacation rental and Airbnb hosts are often left with a difficult problem of where to place their lock box for their guests. Lockboxes need to be fairly visible and near the property for guests to find them, however this also makes them easy targets for burglars, who know that if accessed they’ll have complete access to a property and belongings inside. Rainy and cold weather has been known to freeze and rust over lock boxes, making them inaccessible and leaving guests out in the cold. Certain lock boxes are also too small to fit larger keys or bunches of keys, making them completely unusable in certain scenarios or with keycards and fobs. 

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