Can the trolley lock be used universally?


Many car owners like to set up a trailer at the back of their cars so that they can pull the prepared trailer onto the road. When the owner drives the main car out and leaves the trailer somewhere, it is necessary to lock the trailer. One way is to lock the trailer head (female head) of the trailer. It is not easy for others to pick up the trailer and pull it away because they mistook it. However, the shapes and specifications of trailer heads (usually female heads) of different trailers are different. The existing trailer locks are all used for a certain model and the female heads of trailer heads with the same or very similar shapes, dimensions and specifications.

At present, it has not been found that there are trailer locks that can be used by different trailer heads on the market. An existing trailer lock is provided with a seat body, which is fixedly connected with a lock ball. The lock ball is placed in the concave part of the trailer head. The outside of the trailer head is covered by a lock cover. The lock cover is hinged with the seat body and can be locked at a certain angle to lock the trailer head. However, for trailer heads with different specifications, such trailer locks cannot be universal.