Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks To Check Out in 2022


Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable

Great quality yet affordable carabiner helmet lock, Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock & Cable is made with high-quality steel and nylon material.

Unlike most locks, it comes with 3 digit lock tumbler so you can easily set your own combination patterns.

The keyless 3 digit combination mechanism is a great security feature to have so no one else can open the lock and steal your stuff. The 320-pound tensile strength provides excellent protection for theft or vandalism.

In case of emergencies, the steel material doesn’t bend nor break, allowing you to cut it off using a bolt cutter. These can also be used as license plate locks.

Its lightweight and compact design makes it very convenient to carry around during bike rides

The helmet locks come with a 6-feet cable that has a double loop connector at the end.

This allows you to secure multiple helmets while going inside a department store or market while not having to worry about thieves stealing your gear.