Convenience and security when traveling with the TSA padlock


In this article we will see what the TSA luggage locks are used for, how to distinguish it from a common combination lock and how to change the combination of a Viro TSA approved lock.

The beginning of the autumn season, like every year, marks (for many) the return to routine, resulting in a slowdown in tourist travel and a consequent greater offer of advantageous proposals to travel to the USA or to more remote destinations, perhaps making a stopover in one of the many American airports.

To travel to the United States it is absolutely recommended to close your suitcases with TSA locks for the reasons that we will see below.

Why the TSA locks?

This type of combination lock arises from the need to inspect and check the luggage of travellers traveling through US airports in response to the tragic events of 11 September 2001.

The inspection, although it may seem an“encroachment” into personal privacy, aims to ensure the safety of passengers flying to the US and the citizens who live there.

For this reason, the US government agency Transport Security Administration was established in 2001, which gives the acronym TSA.

For trips to the United States? Yes But not only!

This measure, or a similar one, has not (yet) been adopted in other countries and this could make you think that this type of padlock is only useful for people traveling in the USA. In reality, combination locks, whether they are TSA or not, are also practical, as they allow the traveller to conveniently lock his/her suitcase and forget about the worries of“where do I put the keys”, which is a typical concern with other types of lock. It can therefore be useful, especially when traveling when you have many other things to think about. Furthermore, it is worth remembering that, generally, to obtain an insurance refund following theft of items from the luggage, it is necessary for it to have been locked and forced; therefore, if the suitcase does not provide a standard locking system, it is necessary to use a padlock (or, alternatively, the less practical cellophane covering of the suitcase).