Accelerate the production schedule of panel locks


Panel lock is a commonly used safety lock, widely used in various furniture such as doors, windows, cabinets, etc., to protect property safety. With the increase of market demand, the production of panel locks is also gradually increasing. In order to meet customer needs, factories are accelerating production progress and rushing to ship goods.

The production process of panel locks mainly includes raw material procurement, processing and manufacturing, assembly and packaging, and other links. Firstly, it is the procurement of raw materials, which requires the purchase of lock cores, lock bodies, keys and other components to ensure that the quality meets the standards. Then there is processing and manufacturing, using machinery and equipment to process raw materials and produce finished locks. Finally, assembly packaging involves assembling various components together and packaging them for transportation and sales.

In order to expedite the delivery of goods, the factory has increased production efforts, increased the operating time of the production line, and worked overtime to carry out production. At the same time, it will also strengthen the procurement and inventory management of raw materials to ensure that delivery time is not delayed during the production process due to insufficient raw materials.

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