Purchasing and Maintenance Tips for Locks


1. First, you should check whether the product has the manufacturer's name, address, trademark, and whether there is a recent inspection report issued by a professional quality inspection organization.

2. The appearance of the lock should be clear, with a smooth surface and a comfortable feel. The opening and closing of the lock should be flexible, the locking mechanism should work properly, and there should be no sense of malfunction in its operation. The confidentiality performance should be good.

3. When purchasing, the material should be moderate, with a strong and reliable feel, and one should avoid choosing various locks made of cheap and inferior materials.

4. The installation of the lock is also crucial: it should be strictly in accordance with the product manual, and attention should be paid to the installation center distance, applicable range, and the lock's opening method. Special attention should be paid to not installing it on doors with high humidity to prevent corrosion from harmful substances.

5. Regularly keep the lock body clean to prevent foreign objects from entering the lock cylinder, causing difficulty in opening or even preventing the lock from opening.

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